Choose and purchase curtains should pay more attention to 'inferior beauty'

Curtains not only a kind of household decoration material nowadays,to most owners,they were treated by a kind of decoration,Although many owners will choose various curtains during the decoration, but to the purchase of the curtains,i believe many owners still don't have a standard. So let's see about the skills of purchasing curtains. Choose the curtains, we should avoid the formaldehyde.

By the world health organization determined for a class of carcinogens formaldehyde has become the main pollution in the new decoration home in the cities nowdays. More than 6 into new decorate family is more than the formaldehyde in the indoor environment control standards of the state. But most consumers only know formaldehyde source from Man-made board, composite floor or furniture,but they still don't know Indoor decoration decorative cloth, curtain cloth art furniture, can cause indoor environment formaldehyde pollution.

Blended Cotton and Linen

Sales of safety and quality of the curtain on the market at present does not pass? Often in curtain city in the light of consumer to choose and buy of the status. association of Chinese interior decoration indoor environment monitoring center, the sale of part of the curtain on the market on the basis of the comparison experiment, the results showed that some varieties of samples detected with a certain amount of formaldehyde. And this experiment make the samples are already sold on the market, and exposes a certain time in the air samples, still found formaldehyde, should attract the attention of consumers. (Curtains Features)