Teaching you to make simple curtain for home decoration

There are lots of curtains in curtain market (www.curtainsmarket.com). Do you have some experience that you make your own curtain for your home decoration. It is easy to make a simple curtain. Here let us lean together to make a simple curtain for us.


First step: we need to choose the good quality fabric, such as cotton, linen and silk materials or sheer. For different materials are used for different room style. For example, bathroom best to used waterproof fabric and easy to clean. High quality and luxury fabrics are good for living room while solid or casual materials are good for bedroom.

Second is curtain color selection. Curtain color is base on different season to choose. Light color curtain is good for spring season and dark color for winter. Black and white is classic combination that can be used for all occasion and all seasons. Curtain pattern and color are depending on you choice, just take back home what you like but make sure the curtain style is go well with you room style.

Third: Curtain size selection is according to your room size to do the measurement. The same size of room and curtain are best. Flat opening curtain better 20cm winder the window size to get a better visual appearance. Curtain bottom is base on curtain length and floor distance to determine how long it is. Ceiling curtain is touch to floor for home decoration.
Fourth is valance design idea. Pleated valance is common seem in the market. It is very difficult to make a valance. If you are not sure you can make it, it is better to ask some help from curtain maker.